this is me,
Ivy Malik

Business woman.Wife and mum.

Psychology graduate.

Businesswoman.Wife and mum.

psychology graduate.

Former restaurant owner.Business and sales coach.

Former restaurant owner.Business and sales coach.

I’m Ivy, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to empower a million creatives to build a business of their dreams, on their own terms.

I’ve always been a creative soul with an entrepreneurial spirit… but it wasn’t until age 25 when I finally started my own business.

In deciding to open my own restaurant, I went from a DREAMER to a DOER…

launching into the entrepreneurial
space, and never
looking back.


As my business experience grew, I found myself helping friends, family, and eventually paying clients, with their business problems - becoming the bridge between the creative world and the business world.

Eventually, I realised that I found more joy in coaching creatives than I did owning my restaurant. So, I did what any wild entrepreneur would do…

I sold my restaurants and dove headfirst into my coaching business

Since then, I’ve worked with a wide range of Creatives, from small businesses that haven’t hit 20k in revenue, to those who are hitting £300K+  in revenue working towards their first million.

My past clients work with politicians, royalty and celebrities. Others work with major corporations like Google, Carlsberg and 20th Century Fox. Some even serve mums and dads with small pop-up businesses or side hustles.

In short, I’ve found my passion and my purpose…

Helping creative entrepreneurs raise their prices, land more clients & start making income they desire.