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raise your rates and land more high paying clients.

How would your


change? How would your



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My services are all designed around helping creatives like you:

Convert high value, dream clients

Build your team + scale

Raise your prices + Confident money talk

Establish passive income

Ultimately, giving you the tools you need to make the money you desire, and feel valued and respected as the professional you are.

The Winners Circle

The winners circle


If you want your business to reach its full potential… you can’t do it alone.

Ouch! that must’ve hurt.
But it’s true.
All the greats had mentors or coaches.

Imagine being surrounded by the energy of "anything is possible", never ending support and someone who challenges you, inspires you, guides you. Together we will bust your limiting beliefs and keep imposter syndrome in check

As part of the mastermind, you’ll get exclusive access to:
• One 90 min private strategy call with Ivy
• 3-4 group calls per month (90 mins)
• Somatic and hot seat coaching, masterclasses, workshops
• Mon - Fri group chat access to Ivy (she’ll literally be in your back pocket)
• Several bonuses (any program and resource available, you will have access to)
• Weekly accountability check in with a team member to keep you on track (this is different from the coaching calls)

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It’s perfect for you if you’re looking to:

Scale your business

Increase your visibility + credibility

Become an authority + thought leader in your field

Implement new services, like communities or coaching

Diversify your income through passive income products

Launch a product or service, or create an aligned product suite

To apply to the mastermind DM Ivy on Instagram or Linked in, or meet with a member of Ivy’s team by booking a time below.
free clarity call

1:1 Coaching

Whether you dream of the laptop lifestyle, where you have freedom to work from anywhere or want to build a kick ass agency? The reality can be hard work and full of uncertainty.

And yes, it can be lonely. But it doesn’t have to be.

Consider 1:1 coaching is a little like business therapy that helps you navigate those struggles. Whether you're starting a growing business hitting your first 100K or scaling to a million. Together, we'll create a roadmap that meets

Minimum commitment is 5 months and coaching retainer starts from £4000

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1:1 Coaching might be right for you if you:

You want improved relationship with money and price

Have imposter syndrome or feel overwhelmed with decisions

Are looking to scale your business but feel stuck

You are looking to grow a team

Have hit a revenue plateau

Want focused attention and are ready to do some inner work to achieve abundance


Mini sales intensive

Imagine knowing the exact tweaks needed to improve your sales call so you can close.

The mini sales intensive includes a sales call analysis which is a game changer because it isn’t just theory, it is direct feedback of what would work for YOU.

Imagine being able to have a sales call and closing your first 5K or 10K client. This is what is possible when you apply the learnings from this intensive call.

If you are booking the intensive and want a sales call analysis included.

1. record the sales call with a real client (no more than 50mins). Please gain permission to record.
2. Submit the call for review
3. Allow 5 days for review before booking the call

On the call we will go over language, question style, tone, body language, perception, order of events.

When you walk away, you will know exactly how to handle sales calls and what kind of questions to ask to gain the sale.

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What’s included:

3 hour call with Ivy

Sales framework that converts

Analysis of your call

Actionable steps to take to help future conversions

Sales call masterclass that teaches the framework

Recording of the analysis


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client generator

If you are a creative that hasn’t yet hit your first £30K year then this is the right place for you to start. The client generator focuses on how you can FIND YOUR FANS

and create intentional content that attracts.

it is designed to get to you to the level where you can graduate to TWC for exponential growth

Don’t fancy coaching yet? Here’s a course that can be of great help. You will learn how to gain focus, establish yourself as an expert, and attract your dream clients.

Did you know that niching can increase profits, reduce competition, and help you gain authority in your industry?

As a self-guided course, each phase includes videos that will teach you everything you need to know about niching which is how you will find your fans. Better yet, attract them.

PLUS, if you choose to invest in coaching after you have gone through the course, the cost will be completely redeemable from your coaching fee.

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