Want to


raise your rates and land more high paying clients?

My services are all designed around helping creatives like you:

Sell without selling

Sign high value clients

Charge more (if you want)

Set up for scale

Ultimately allowing you time to spend in your creative zone of genius.

Scaling Creatives

Go from 2K to 10K clients in 90 days
This is for you if you want to spend less time hustling and want more time to spend on the creative side of the business, doing what you love.

You have achieved 4K months, or are ready to invest in a coaching program that can get you to multi six figures.

You are not a newbie and will have at least been in business for a full year. This is not your side hustle!

This bootcamp will help you build the foundation so you can remove yourself from the selling so you can spend more time in your creative zone (or with your family, whatever your heart desires)

This is not a program for procrastinators. You must be hungry for change and ready to do the work.

People ask, will it take more time?

No, apart from the coaching calls, it is the exact time that you need to spend on business to get you to where you want to be.

This program isn‘t just a one size fits all strategy - NO.

It is creating your unique strategy based on your human design.

Each week we meet in a group to help you reprogram your mind with somatic coaching, classic mindset coaching so that you are showing up as your best self for the business.

Here’s what’s included:
• One private call with Ivy to go over your Human Design
• One private call with Team Ivy to go over your bespoke strategy.
• Weekly group coaching calls with Ivy which tackles mindset and strategy.
• Weekly speed group accountability calls with Team Ivy
• Multiple course access regarding Niche, Sales and Marketing.
• Other business resource tools

You probably want in right now, I know.
We choose you as much as you choose us so we need to meet you first to ensure you qualify.

You are invited to book a call below

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Who is this for?

For CEOs that want to spend more time doing what they love and remove themselves from sales

Driven and talented entrepreneurs that want to create the foundation to scale

You have been in business and want to to scale to multi six figures

You are willing to dedicate time to building up your business

1:1 Private Coaching

With only a few spots open each year. Suitable for founders and CEOs who want to scale their business to 7 figures. Often described as business therapy.

We don’t stay at the strategic level, but dive deep into the mind.

Investment begins at £24K for 6 months period

One spot open right now.


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1:1 Coaching is for you if you:

You want to grow your business but you have hit a plateau and feel stuck.

Want to have more joy in business.

Have imposter syndrome or feel overwhelmed with decisions

You are looking to grow a team.

Want a soundboard and guide that can walk you through decisions.

Millionaire mastermind

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Exclusive community of millionaire creatives.
By invitation or referral only.

How to get invited.

Past clients or peers can refer you. You will need to find someone in my network who can put you forward.

This is a small growing group that meets twice a month.

who is this for:

You are a creative CEO and make at least one million in revenue.